Saturday, February 12, 2011

Froyo compatible wide release published to market

the final myLock release is now known as myLock utilities.

I compiled my final build of the froyo optimized basic functionality and the beta tested phone tools functionality to work together in the new utilities app package. it has updated against the 1.4 build we had in the market before froyo launched.

this means idle lock, toggle plugin, and advanced/hide lockscreen modes are fully defunct in all market builds except the pre-froyo donate package, still up for 99 cents. froyo donate build remains and includes the beta advanced mode as well for 1.99.

I've done this so that the froyo compatible skip lockscreen is now openly available rather than closed in the donate package beta. after months of experience with it on my own device and feedback to ensure no critical bugs or failures occurred besides occasional unlock lag, I'm satisfied that this is the best quick unlock possible in froyo and beyond and it is worth opening it up.

that said, development is now fully on hold indefinitely. look for a possible myLock for iOS in cydia.