Saturday, May 1, 2010

Projects back on hold

Due to a change in schedule again there may not be updates for the app for a while.

I'm releasing the unfinished advanced mode 1.4 version into market. It functions for any key wake, and requires home or back key to exit the myLock non-secure lockscreen. Power instant unlocks as usual.

The next updates were to add full button customization and update the widget lockscreen to provide the advanced operating mode.

Everything else we wanted to achieve is live, more or less. The phone tools app will be released shortly with only the phone lock due to some inconsistencies we have discovered with the answer prompt workarounds. I may leave answer prompt in with warning that it experiences interference from music apps.

Update ----
Advanced mode is now more finished, allowing any key to unlock after wakeup.
Phone tools also updated with a new method thanks to fellow open source dev Tedd.
This is it for updates for awhile other than if any critical bugs turn up.


  1. Any chance of getting any key to wake up and unlock with one press rather than two, i.e. combine wake and unlock into one key press?

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