Tuesday, April 13, 2010

All about addons

myLock will continue to be free and 100% open source. I take pride in maintaining code that others can learn from. I just code what people want, there is no reason not to share the knowledge of how we accomplished everything in the great android open source platform.

For most of the special features people have been requesting that go beyond skipping/replacing the lockscreen into more ways to customize and control this, I have decided to release addons. This is so the free, simple nature of the essential myLock functionality is preserved without bombarding the average user with extra settings.

Addons are great also because I can attach donation incentives to them. Most of the addons are very simple lightweight functionalities. Thus far we have created the toggle addon and the idle lock addon. Right now, Locale integration is only a part of the toggle but we intend for every addon to allow Locale conditions to start or stop any of the settings. These are available in the market for 99 cents.

Once I have completed the additional planned addons (the next one will be for Call customization - call answer prompt with on screen button or answering the call via side key of choice, and the option to have a lockscreen up during calls), there will also be a myLock plus for 5 dollars in the market. This is to allow donations right on the market. The plus version includes all addon functionality and free updates for life to all additional addon utilities. They will always be released as part of plus as well as individually.

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