Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Widget Lockscreen beta 1.1 (r2)

It's not perfect but it's pretty damn great.

See ----(setup accessed from app drawer, menu key is open)

See some more -- the original myLock vision, nearly accomplished - get Executive Assistant widget for converged event preview.


  1. Can you give a recap of this lockscreen method and the skip lockscreen method? I take that these are two different projects (one to skip the lockscreen entirely, and the other to make a custom lockscreen).

  2. Yes, one version is focused on minimizing the lockscreen and the other is focused on making a useful lockscreen environment (primarily helpful to those who want to retain security but have some information available in their lockscreen). this version release is the first step toward that lockscreen you can personalize. You should check out our wiki for more in depth details of what is being done or planned to be implemented. we need user input

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  4. thanks for your post...can u pls share idea how can show wifgrt over lock screen?