Saturday, March 27, 2010

Widget personalization coming soon -- myLock custom lockscreen apps

Here's what soon means at the moment: I have the code that let's you pick the widget, and it appears centered. What I need to do is finish the logic which makes a widget appear on the next row once the space is all used up. Then I just need to finish the process that stores the choices and the one that grabs all the choices and puts the widgets in when the replacement lockscreen activates.

I am assuming most people will want the clock display but I bet some will want to fill the whole screen with widgets. The positioning is the most complicated thing. The stock homescreen method is not simple to copy, & the process for implementing widgets is nearly undocumented in the sdk also.

I only have a few hours a week to work on this due to work. I've had most of my existing progress on widgets for a while now just trying to find the time to finish all the code.

I made major progress during the last round of updating in the myLock auto unlock version so I am looking forward to bringing those stability improvements to the advanced lockscreen version and also pushing out the guarded replacement lockscreen (which strictly replaces the lockscreen and keeps the default keys locked down) while finishing up the widget feature.

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