Saturday, March 20, 2010

myLock (basic) updated on the market

The update I've been slowly testing and revising for the basic lockscreen skip mode is now up in the market. Mainly, this update incorporates all the improvements I've learned from programming the custom lockscreen revisions.

  • Fixed handling for outside events like the alarm clock, or handcent. It integrates quite well with screebl pro, I've found.
  • Phone call error cases resolved.. I did quite a bit of testing of the fixes for the specific troubles in the first market release. If we discover any more they will now be easy to incorporate in to the phone event mediator.
  • New feature - guarding unlock from opening the slider.
  • Removed the toggle button-- it is now a checkbox that is more intuitive when the status icon isn't enabled. This allowed me to re-implement the 1x1 widget toggle, which will soon be improved to also display the enabled/disabled status
  • Added how-to text in the settings window, I refer to it affectionately as myLock for dummies.
V1.1 - Adjusted phone call reaction handling to be smoother. Will optimize with useful enhancements in 2.1 soon. Added toggle for the slider guard mode. Can't get slider guarded mode to perform well without the wallpaper background theme, but I bet the other mode should work great even when live wallpaper is on since I was able to get the actual lockscreen disabling window to be a transparent theme instead of wallpaper.

V1.2 - Updated slide guard mode so it is integrated with the rest of the stable revision, dropping the wallpaper lockscreen replacement mode due to major performance issues in certain circumstances. I will continue to research adding this mode back as an option, since some people like having the wallpaper during unlock. Now when slider guard is on, you will just do the regular slide to unlock screen if you are intentionally waking up the phone via slider.

If you have run into some critical problem and feel the other version worked better, feel free to revert:

The v1 and 1.1 are also available on the downloads history if you choose the project downloads link on the left main sidebar.

The next update is targetting to add guard during calls as a choice due to popular request, and also the idle lock time preference that restores security if the phone is left idle for too long. In addition I've learned how to put in button customization advanced mode, this would allow you to press camera to unlock it from sleep if you wanted to. Also looking in to adding shake and orientation sensing options to help further guard against pocket unlocks and make it easier to unlock when in trusted orientations.


  1. Nice app; I've been looking for something simple to disable the screen lock feature whenever the display turns off. So far, this is working just perfect for me. I'll be sure to let you know if I encounter and bugs.