Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Alpha 1 implementing KGSkip is now up for download

Just now I coded in a receiver to start up the KGSkip service after system startup, and a settings screen you can use to start it up after initial download to fire it up without having to reboot your device. That's all the settings screen has for now since all this release does is demonstrate our KeyGuard Skip service! I removed the RemoteClient thingie that came with the tutorial I started from.

Major thanks to Adam K of SMSPopup for his ManageKeyguard code, and Sai Geetha whose remote service tutorial really jump-started my first alpha assembly. Please donate to them if you can!

Right now I've found the simple functionality incredibly useful for how I use my device. I can hit the button once and I'm greeted immediately by my last app screen, so I've been able to leave my gtalk running and accomplish my basic inspiration behind this app - be able to see my waiting google talk events in one button press wakeup while I am busy running around at work.

I have my home screen set with just my frequently used apps at the bottom - twidroid, gtalk, gv, email, dolphin, and facebook- and a digital clock widget kind of sitting center screen. shortCutter homescreen, notif_preview widget, and all the rest of the features I want to implement truly are just extra flair that enhances the Keyguard-free operating environment with customizability and control.

Go get it, and please if you discover a bug with how this interacts with other things (such as the phone, which I haven't deliberately tested a lot, so use with care if you are a big phone user with your device) leave me a comment, and any other feedback or suggestions you may have are welcome


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  1. One last thing. I know of only 1 bug that is consistent, and that is that the recent apps switcher (home long press) fails to run. If you try, you will find yourself waiting indefinitely for the window to appear. When you release home, screen flickers and you get back to home screen. From there, the window will launch. There's really no point by then, just launch what you want from home. This is why shortCutter will be implemented as a home screen, just because it is trying to do what the recent apps window does but better and more convenient. I can't explain why it acts like that just with my KG skipping code.

    I also had the skipping quit working one time in 24 hours of testing. At that point I could not seem to restore it even with force quitting the service, restarting it, etc. I had to reboot the device- gives me the impression that the cause was something originating under another app, not my code.