Monday, December 14, 2009

The first building block of the myLock vision: free opensource keyguard skip

I coded this Sunday night, about 4 hours of bug-hell. Haha.

I still have to clean it up a little bit and figure out how to make the service just launch without having to press a button in the Activity.

I have posted the code up within the wiki over on the google code page.

It really is great, it respects the same relock conventions as one would be used to because all it really does is allow the phone to simply unlock when you press power, rather than forcing you to deal with the obstructive slider. The keyguard is actually there keeping other buttons from going off, it just gets skipped when you press power! So if you do nothing (view only) after that, it goes off after 5 seconds. If you interact then you revert to your timeout settings.

I love this as I can now have one touch preview of my GTALK most recent chat thread. In addition two touch notification panel.

I hope to push this out for download very soon, and work will begin on the official first build of the notificationpreview widget and shortcutter-centric home screen!

may also have to do a custom clock widget too. we'll see.

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