Thursday, December 10, 2009

Why play by the official rules of the default keyguard?

A new possible direction for the design of the program occurred to me today. I was reading Mike dg's blog and in search of reference to the keyguard disabler source code, and the idea of the program really resonated with me.

With a capactive screen, the keyguard becomes somewhat useless. You have a nearly non-existent chance of dialing or activating ANYTHING on that phone with it in a pocket, so it just kind of gets in the way of normal phone usage. The root need being pursued by the simple disablement of the keyguard is the same as the desire to place useful things onto the lockscreen. The first thing you want to see when you wake the phone would obviously be either the last thing you were doing or a helpful shortcut and info preview area. This concept is synonymous with the idea of a great HOME screen, just enhanced with no obstructive keyguard in your way all the time.

The current default in 2.0 is part uber-useful (sound toggle) and part what's-the-point (keyguard). Once we kill the idea of the obstructive lockscreen (including security lock), we're left with how is the best way to put the user in control of good power management about waking the screen and having it resleep smartly, and how can we place really useful stuff on the first screen the user would see- a hub for the most important shortcuts and stuff happening on the phone's communcation. THIS is the real design goal of myLock.

So my thought was to implement this baby as either a homescreen replacement, or even as an app which simply makes the applicable tools available as widgets. So MyLock is really the combo of Lockbuddy and backlightwiz, which would allow all the fine tuning of different methods of waking the screen up and settings for how it would re-sleep. NotificationPreview, which is of course our customizable timeline, and then at that point shortcutter is kind of obsolete except as a nice UI for hiding your useful shortcuts (a la the sound toggle) away cleanly in your primary homescreen that outdoes the one-size-fits-all apps drawer-- I would retool it to basically utilize the concept from the illustration I posted where the shortcuts would be hidden and you'd just grab the android GO guy to have them appear.

Now that I've studied a little bit more of the basic different functionalities you're able to achieve in the android development and seen some of the craziness of the keyguard's default source, I feel like this is definitely going to be the way to go. I don't think we need to play by the rules of the default keyguard to accomplish our vision.

I may still go on to develop the opensource keyguard mod which could be utilized by devs who want to push a custom reminder up to the default-style keyguard (I have been in contacted with Adam K of Sms Popup), but I definitely want to take myLock in this direction developmentally first.

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