Friday, December 18, 2009

Suggested apps while ours is under construction

This week I came across several additional apps which offer some similar features and shared visions. Thought I'd finish out the week with a quick recap of what they are and how they can be used.

dxtop by accesslane - homescreen replacement which offers the option to disable the keyguard. The cool thing about it is a shortcut dock, multiple app drawers, and 5 home screens (A center screen and one for each swipe direction up down left right).

ScreenModeWidget by sam chiu - A very simple program that allows you to flip between default keyguarding, keyguard always skipped (meaning that any button will wake it up and you will not have to use the slide unlock screen, disadvantage is accidental vol/cam key while it is in pocket), and a never-sleep mode in which it keeps the screen awake till you exit the mode

Executive Assistant by Appventive - Another homescreen-like design, with the same specific goal of providing shortcuts and notification previews. They also give you the option to replace the keyguard, skip the keyguard to their interface (called welcome mode, this is most similar to how myLock is being organized), or just see their interface as a home screen replacement and keep the standard keyguard around.

Keyguard disabler by Mike DG - all it does is turn off keyguard. Works the same as screenmode. so if you want vol/cam to be able to wake up your device, get this and don't get myLock.

ShakeIt by androood - Very similar goal to the unlock modding part of myLock. Current builds of this have allowed shake to wakeup, shake to unlock, and a tool that gets speakerphone up by placing the phone in a certain orientation. I'm in contact with this dev to see if we can both improve our code for unlock/wake modification.

myLock is taking a similar approach to some of these features but is striving to be the most configurable and flexible for the different ways our users out there may want to unlock or access the previewer and shortCutter functions. An unlock customizer for the people.

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  1. thanks for the list! one more that's interesting and worth mentioning is screebl. it's intended to prevent locking while you're using the phone "passively," ie watching a video or reading something for a while without input. it does that by detecting a specific phone orientation, which is customizable, using the accelerometer. slightly different use case than myLock, but still related.