Saturday, January 9, 2010

Making progress- release first incarnation of myLock lite

myLock lite is an implementation of the lightest-weight lockscreen disable (short of the one that allows all buttons to wake up device - which does do by stopping lockscreen from ever being active) we've tested. This first release gives you a 1x1 widget that is used to turn myLock lite on or off. When it comes on or off a notification appears, which is a one time rather than a persistent mode like in myLock complete. It will also update the notification when a phone call happens as myLock functionality interferes with the phone app's control of the lockscreen while it turns screen on or off via the prox sensor.

The thing to know with this version is that it works like alpha 1. When you first wake up the device, the lockscreen is being paused. This means that the home long press and search keys are still locked out and using them will cause the pattern unlock to appear if you have one- if you do not, then pressing home once should cause a screen flicker at which point the home long press & search should be enabled.

I've also added pattern mode smart auto-toggle. what this does for you is pauses pattern security mode when you toggle myLock lite on. It will lock the device back down into pattern mode when you toggle it back off.

I've added the download link to myLock lite over on the left sidebar. This is the version I want to get out onto the market sometime soon.


  1. I previously was using alphac and now the light variant -- I uninstalled the alpha and installed the light.apk. I've verified its installed, but I have no icon in the menu now. Also although its listed under Settings->Applications, I can not access it any longer.


  2. Ok I understand it works through a widget now instead of a menu item -- I think I like the complete method better -- its slightly more intuitive for me.

  3. Yep, I'm the same. I like the complete options and I don't really find the full lockscreen exit a bother so I like letting it happen up front. I just made lite as a venture into learning how to get things interacting with the widget and have it feel productive at the same time.

    I'm tinkering with the possibility of yet another new mode that would replace the lockscreen, allowing user to define which keys would do the unlock and which keys would only cause a short wakeup (in which they would see that new lockscreen, user definable as how long they would want that wakeup with a non-unlock key to last).

    Because of the limitations though in android at the moment, we can't make it all out avoid wake with those non-unlock keys. This option works best with the existing idea of the wakeup home so the user is seeing something of use when they aren't wishing to unlock it. I really like the lockscreen mode for the app Executive assistant, it's one interpretation of the entire idea that inspired myLock (the desire to see information preview on the lockscreen)

  4. i actually think i like lite better than complete (although i've only been using lite for today). lite seems to wake up quicker and without all the flashing, and also it seems to work even with receiving phone calls.

    either way, i'm glad you continue working on this project. i seriously think this is my favorite app just because it is such a hassle saver. dxTop with its brilliant home screen switcher is my other favorite in terms of productivity.