Monday, January 4, 2010

Update - version alpha 2b

This version provides settings toggle for the foreground mode, and a new tool - stay awake mode which you can check and the screen will not auto-sleep.

The lockscreen skip itself must be toggled by the main button because the settings has no way of reading whether the service is running. first press will get status, turn it on if it was not, and then 2nd press confirms stop. When foreground mode is off, you won't know it's on until you try to wake the phone. But go ahead and use it if you don't like the persistent icon. I am not sure if there are bugs once you change settings but the functions being toggled have all been tested up to now in independent past versions as the features were built, so I am betting it is all pretty stable. I was able to toggle everything from various states of operation and have it all come out as expected. But alpha as always means try not to get too mad if something breaks or fails! ;]

Please send feedback to mylockandroid at gmail. Thanks!

Also check out the new faq before contacting us. Double thanks.

(Download link is posted on the sidebar at left)

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