Wednesday, January 6, 2010

version 2c - minor update

All I did was isolate and stop the cause of the force close upon receiving call. It has a slight optimization in how the stay awake is handled, and has a check box for the welcome homescreen to replace lockscreen. That doesn't work very well at the moment and is not functional at all for adding widgets so I don't recommend turning it on. If the screen is put to sleep with it up any key will wake screen back at that point.

At the moment I don't expect another update will be needed until we have some of our widgets done and the ability to place them on the welcome lockscreen.

This should give us time to turn up any other minor case bugs.


  1. Great work! I have you bookmarked!

  2. hi.

    the 2c package doesn't work.
    error while parsing the package, so I can not install it. Seems a lot of people have the problem. Could you please repackage the APK?

    thanks a lot!

  3. Just downloaded, and 2c works great for me...

  4. hm...readownloaded it twice, from PC and from Milestone, and it still says error parsing. Astro says it couldn't open it as an APK file.

  5. The parse error comes from an attempt to direct launch. I've read that the workaround is to launch the file from a file manager such as androzip. As I download it with dolphin browser I'm able to simply launch the file. The download is good and works. Try using dolphin browser or androzip to open the file.

  6. Great work. Works very well as an alpha release -- something doesnt quite work well when phone calls come in, but thats the only bug I'm seeing.

    As far as installing the apk, I just used abd.

  7. Thanks for this. I really like this since Android Ver 2.01 changed the lockscreen. The curve lock screen was way better in my opinion. I had no trouble with it. The straight line one now is a PITA. Nice to be able to disable it.

  8. hm.

    it doesn't work either way.

    1) downloading to my PC -> memory card -> Astro
    2) downloading to my PC -> memory card -> AndroZip
    2) downloading with Android Browser -> Package Installer

    it always gives me the parsing error on my Milestone.

  9. I have the same problem on my Milestone.
    I tried downloading it with Dolphin Browser, I get the same message.
    I tried running the apk file with AndroZip, it asks me what to complete the action with, i select Package Installer, it then returns Parse Error.

    I can successfully unzip the package though.

  10. neither 1a nor 2c can be installed on my German Milestone. Parsing error everytime, regardless of how I try to download and transfer the package.