Saturday, February 13, 2010

Alpha 2c launched in market as myLock beta v1

I decided launching in market would be a good idea to reach more people & get more feedback, now that we've given the build a whole month to make sure it's solid enough and realize the most important improvements.

Please take a minute to leave positive reviews if you have been following us.

So far we've discovered a few new bugs.
The lockscreen appears to restore, possibly causing a conflict, when speaker or blutetooth is active and then you let the screen sleep during a call. when you then end the call lockscreen is restored, it appears to be an android bug

The cpu clock mods seem to cause a problem when set too low for sleep, also. This doesn't appear to impact the a3 revisions.


  1. awesome, glad this is in the market!

    i'm still looking forward to one that cooperates with apps like autolock, or has its own lock timer. fingers crossed for the next version...

  2. Yes, a major priority for my next update is the security timeout. I have it 100% functional but just need to add it to settings screen.