Thursday, February 4, 2010

New alpha 3 (and beyond) to-do list

The 0204 revision illustrates where I am at with the solid Android 2.0 optimized lockscreen replacement. I have fixed every implementation bug I came across that at first made me think that it might not be feasible to create a replacement lockscreen.

This revision demonstrates the power key and slider open lockscreen skip. While it is capable of any button wakeup or unlock, and also shake wake or unlock, I don't have those options implemented yet. The custom lockscreen only displays a message at the moment and would allow the notification bar to be used when awake. If you ever see a delay, it is due to the load time of the app you are unlocking into. Example, I see the lockscreen for 1 second when I am unlocking into twidroid.

Here's what remains to be done to consider the alpha 3 feature version ready for market release. I plan to get it into the market and go one update at a time into beta. These are just the loose ends that I need to get done, not things I need to test/learn how to do-
  • Finish implementing the shake option and stay awake setting into the custom lockscreen.
  • Implement button customization settings screen, where you can specify a functionality for each side key (locked, wake lockscreen, or skip lockscreen), and choose whether you want the slider to cause unlock or remain locked, and whether keypad buttons should be kept locked or do unlock when the slider is open
Here's some next priorities that will bridge the gap to beta:
  • Add polished looking clock for the lockscreen itself. I really wanted to place small brightness and vibrate mode toggles somewhere on the clock display, one on each side seems feasible. This element will be a widget, but will be default in the lockscreen until full widget customization is implemented.
  • Slide to unlock interface- optional, it has been requested. Without it, home key and/or back key can be used to unlock the awake lockscreen.
  • Get the volume keys configured to let music be controlled while screen is asleep. A possible addition would be to allow camera key to pause or advance track, also.
  • Create the pattern mode idle timeout allowing myLock to disable itself if left asleep for a user-specified amount of time
I am very pleased with the response and interaction from users out there; this has kept me excited about polishing this project. Keep the ideas coming.

If you get a specific conflict with any app or notice a behavior that always happens in response to something you do on your phone, please email me the details to mylockandroid at gmail, this will really help us improve for the feature alpha 3 release.


  1. Just want you to know I am following your blog with intense interest, even though I haven't pulled the trigger on trying out an alpha yet. But each new release is becoming more tempting!

    Not sure if you've got this already but I would like my phone to sleep without locking and wake by double tapping the glass. Is this possible?

  2. I can't say that I believe using the screen for a double-tap to do a wake would be possible. To use the touchscreen you have to have a window displayed on screen. My lockscreen currently does display a window, but, I can only do so while keeping screen off for a short amount of time, the system seems to override my method of keeping screen off unexpectedly. I'm looking into it for a possible toggle in the feature a3 release.