Monday, February 22, 2010

Yet more about next update

The options will be presented in terms of the level of guarding (less = greater convenience, more = greater encumberance + safety from pocket activity)

Most convenient/Least encumbered: Unguarded mode - Every key will do full unlock.

Mild to moderate guarding: advanced mode

Use this mode if you want to wake or unlock the device with your choice of buttons instead of just the power key.

  • Weak - all keys wakeup the lockscreen, home/back will unlock from the lockscreen. Choice of any side key for full unlock from sleep, optionally. (a3 build has power key doing this full unlock)
  • Stronger - enable slide to unlock instead of home/back unlocking
  • *Advanced power save- Two options to save power- toggle the prevention of screen wakeup with any of the side keys (a3 build behaves this way with the volume and the camera focus locked down), and the option to reduce the screen timeout while the lockscreen is visible instead of locking down any particular key.
Very strong guarding: guarded mode.

Use this mode if you want the custom lockscreen but want it secured to the power button. No side keys can wake/unlock, so wake occurs only with power key, slide keypad open, or any keypad button.
  • Weak - instant unlock on wake
  • Strong - custom lockscreen on wake. Choose home/back unlocking or the extra protection of slide to unlock
Pattern security - Secure mode lets you use the custom lockscreen on top of the pattern unlock screen. It will actually work even without the pattern, you would just slide the regular unlock slider to proceed.

Any weaker tier is allowed to have a full idle timeout (strictly into pattern lock) or timeout into secure mode where you still get lockscreen on top of pattern prompt. You can specify how many minutes of idle need to occur to trigger the timeout.

WIDGETS for the custom lockscreen-

A basic implementation of widget customization will be available below the clock display in the custom lockscreen. Add any widgets you want, in other words. To do this, open the myLock lockscreen setup from app drawer. Press menu, choose add widget, then pick the widget you want. It will be added at the first available position.

This release should be functional for adding widgets in order, with option to reset them all. Repositioning/manual positioning & selective deletion will be implemented in a later minor update.

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