Thursday, February 11, 2010

More about the first release to contain our utility lockscreen

Today I made some decisions to revisit the simpler idea of the replacement lockscreen. While I still want to implement open widget usage for greater end user flexibility, this is the vision I want to achieve for the first beta release containing the custom lockscreen:
  • myLock utility lockscreen - featuring the utility widget with clock display, controls for vibrate/sound, brightness level, and also music player interface (album art will be able to display), and optional unlock slider interfaces, choose from the default horizontal slider or a vertical one you drag from the bottom of the screen. Available in secure mode or customized mode-
  • secure mode - display the utility lockscreen on top of the pattern lockscreen so you can control music & preview notifications in one wakeup even while locked down with your pattern. Exit this lockscreen by pressing the back key, then completing your pattern. No button customization is available in secure mode.
  • custom mode - customize Power, Camera, slider-open, keypad buttons, & volume keys to choose which will remain locked, wakeup the utility lockscreen, or skip it for instant unlock.
  • simple lockscreen disabled mode - no customization, just exits the lockscreen anytime it would normally be shown.
  • in the non-secure modes (custom & simple), pattern security will be disabled at the time myLock is started. You can choose an idle timeout if you would like pattern security to turn on again after a number of minutes idle, disabling myLock until the pattern is unlocked.
The stay awake and shake options should also be integrated as global preferences available to any of the modes.


  1. The attention to detail and development taking place here is wonderful. Keep up the great work and looking forward to Alpha's, Beta's and whatever else you throw my way.


  2. All sounds wonderful but I'm running out of saliva! When will we see the next update?