Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Requests for having the slide to unlock as an option in the custom lockscreen

I was using a palm pre the other day (co-worker got one) and I liked how their unlock slider works just like a design idea I had earlier while I was still only brainstorming features- the slider is radial so you grab it from the very middle of the screen at the bottom, and slide it up past a boundary. You can slide whatever direction is natural for your thumb, as long as you take it far enough from the start point and cross the boundary, you unlock. My idea for a shortcut launcher that worked exactly the same was one of the earliest ideas I had with myLock.

The idea was to touch the android starting at the bottom middle of the lockscreen (and keep your finger there) to display the shortcuts, and slide it to any one of them to unlock while launching the app. I shelved the idea after it occurred to me that we could just let app shortcut icons be placed onto the custom lockscreen or just let the homescreen exist with shortcuts, with no lockscreen at all.

So when I do the slider I want to make the myLock version to take advantage of that idea, minus shortcut launching, but also use the source code from the existing unlock slider to provide the default one also as an option. The a3 feature release probably won't have either, making it so the back & home touch keys do unlock when you have awakened the custom lockscreen.


  1. Will opening the Droid hard keyboard also be an option to unlock and/or wake the phone?

  2. Yes, because I have some requests to lock down slider completely and others to get rid of redundancy of having to use the slider after you already slide open the hardware - the current builds all instant unlock as you open the keypad slide.